Sample menus

Manor menu

Baron Nottbeck’s fish starter
Rye bread
Raw spiced salmon
Red onion compote
Sour cream

Pork file
Port wine sauce
Oven baked vegetables, creamy potatoes

Rasberry-Marianne jelly

33 EUR / person

Baron's menu

Baron’s smoked reindeer soup


Neitsytniemi salmon
Beetroot sauce
Herb potato cake
Honey carrots

Cloudberry cheesecake and coffee

35.50 EUR / person

The Manor has full alcohol rights in all the halls downstairs.

Table reservations and orders latest 3 working days before the function.


Sauna for groups of max 10 people by booking only

100 EUR / 3 hours

( includes towels and bath products )

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Neitsytniemi Manor is a restaurant and hotel open only by booking, which means that the reservations must be made in advance. Neitsytniemi Manor is a gorgeous and ideal location for family functions, such as weddings, anniversaries, confirmation parties, christenings etc.

Neitsytniemi Food Culture

Before the First World War Imatra had the most versatile food culture ever seen in Finland. Cuisines from St Petersburg, France and Russia, as well as Scandinavian food culture in Finnish manors and mansions influenced Vuoksenlaakso. Furthermore, English lords were fishing on river Vuoksi, and they brought English dishes with them. Of course there were also the ordinary people, who ate their traditional foods.

Now this food culture has been reawakened in Neitsytniemi. Quality kitchen, high, beautiful halls, big terrace and professional staff welcome their guests to one of the most gorgeous manors in South Karelia.